Don't Let Chronic Headaches Ruin Your Holiday Season!

Don't Let Chronic Headaches Ruin Your Holiday Season!

Posted By Atlanta Pain and Rehab || 17-Nov-2016

With all of the hustle and bustle that comes with the holiday season, you have enough to worry about without having to do it all in constant pain. If you suffer from frequent headaches, migraines, cluster headaches, or tension headaches, there is hope! Relief from your pain is possible when you visit Atlanta Pain & Rehab. We specialize in treating the root cause of frequent headaches so that you can find lasting relief from your symptoms.

Headaches and migraines can be caused by a wide variety of factors, including diet, stress, environment, illness or disease, food allergies, and more. By pinpointing the cause of your headaches and implementing the right treatment, symptoms can be controlled or even eliminated.

At Atlanta Pain & Rehab, we utilize a combination of the following treatments to help our patients achieve relief:

  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Chiropractic care
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Medical pain relief

Our clinic has achieved fantastic results using this effective holistic treatment protocol, and we believe we can help you, too. This holiday season, give yourself the gift of a life free from pain! We encourage you to schedule a free consultation with our clinic to discuss your treatment options.

Call us today at (404) 620-4010 to schedule your consultation. New patient? Click here to fill out a few forms to bring with you to your first visit.

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